CITGO Lubes Labeling System

The CITGO Labels system uses the latest web-based technology to provide realtime, updated labels to your browser. This feature allows you to print labels with accurate, up-to-date content and design. CITGO Labels also accurately tracks the number of labels printed at various locations which means distributors can be held accountable.

Print Labels Using Only a Web Browser.

CITGO Labels does not require desktop software to print labels. Labels are generated using state-of-the-art label design software that resides on a secure server -- accessible 24/7. This is makes remote label printing easy, safe, and secure.

To Get Started Printing Labels

Simply sign into CITGO MarketNet to get started printing your lubes labels today. For help with your
CITGO MarketNet Login, please contact your customer service manager or call us at 1-800-331-4068 option 2.

Login to MarketNet

Label Requirements

  • A Re-package Agreement with CITGO
  • CITGO Pre-printed Labels
  • Due to legal and safety requirements, a special printer is required to ensure print quality of the labels. The current model available for purchase is the Lexmark CS820. The printer can be purchased from Reliance Label Solutions and will be shipped out with all the settings for the CITGO drum label stock preset. Contact James Pfaff: 800-656-9476 ext. 1304.


Print Accurate, Up-To-Date Labels from the Web.

You can select multiple products for printing in a single continuous batch, allowing you to tend to your business while the labels you need are printing. 


New Label Printing Quality Control Features Added CITGO has developed new and improved quality controls to enhance our label printing process. Controls include a limit on the number of product labels that can be printed based on a Marketer's six month product purchase history and a default batch code that will be automatically generated. Click here for FAQ on label printing process or contact your CITGO customer service manager for additional information.